Research Areas

Rehabilitation of Neurological Disability, Neurodevelopmental and Musculoskeletal Origin

Scientific Head: Prof. Sandro Sorbi
The aim of the research area is to explore novel prognosis markers, develop new treatments, and evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation pathways inneurological, neurodevelopmental, and musculoskeletal disorders.

The research area is focused on the development of new rehabilitation programs that rely on the use of quantitative profiles and indicators derived from biological measures (genetics, immunology, and virology-microbiology) as well as digital measures that come from morpho functional imaging and e-Health.

The improvement of rehabilitation medicine towards greater precision, predictiveness and personalisation, goes through a high level of sophistication and through the integration of multiple scientific languages in an innovative “rehabilomics” and quantitative approach.

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Developing age rehabilitation protocols in presence and in telerehabilitation and with methods of virtual reality
Contact: Giovanna Cristella - e-mail:

Development of rehabilitation treatment protocols designed on the pathology, disability, and the person, including in combination with pharmacological treatments
Contact: Francesca Cecchi - e-mail:
Contact: Davide Cattaneo - e-mail:

Identifying markers of disability useful for prognosis and rehabilitation outcome
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Contact: Anna Estraneo - e-mail:

Identifying neurobiological and biochemical mechanisms of neuromotor and cognitive recovery
Contact: Irene Aprile - e-mail:

Translational and retro-translational procedures to predict treatment efficacy