Research Areas

Bioengineering and Biotechnology for Rehabilitation and Social Integration

Scientific Head: Prof. Maurizio Ferrarin
This Research Area is focused on the investigation, development, advancement and clinical validation of innovative models, methods and tools within the domains of bioengineering and biotechnology, with a distinct on rehabilitation medicine.

The research area is focused on bioengineering and biotechnology applied for rehabilitation medicine, in particular:

  • development of novel methods for the study of neuromuscular and motor coordination in daily life;
  • development and pilot validation of for innovative tools for both motor and cognitive rehabilitation;
  • development and validation of innovative tools and new algorithms based on multivariate processing of biological signals, to assess neurovegetative functions and identify individuals at risk of adverse events;
  • development of nanobiophotonic methods to identify biomarkers aimed at assessing the effectiveness of rehabilitation treatment and studying its personalisation;
  • development and validation of algorithms for predicting the achievement of rehabilitation goals and automatic stratification of patients.

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Instrumental movement analysis applied to assistance and rehabilitation
Contact: Maurizio Ferrarin - e-mail:

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Technologies, IoT and integrated sensor technologies for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation
Contact: Marco Germanotta - e-mail:

Advanced techniques for biosignal analysis and processing
Contact: Paolo Castiglioni - e-mail:

Nanomedicine and Clinical Biophotonics
Contact: Marzia Bedoni - e-mail:

Machine learning and automated systems supporting clinical decision
Contact: Andrea Mannini - e-mail: