Research Areas

Rehabilitation Of Cardio-Respiratory Disabilities

Scientific Head: Prof. Claudio Macchi
Rehabilitation for patients suffering from cardio respiratory pathologies, both in post acute and chronic conditions. The research area aims to improve rehabilitation care in patients with cardio respiratory disabilities with the goal of achieving a comprehensive functional, psychological and social recovery, or alternatively slowing the progression of the underlying disease.

The studies are focused on the evaluation of innovative devices for respiratory functional diagnostics and ventilatory treatments, the investigation of predictive factors of efficacy for the treatment of high-complexity patients, the identification of sleep-related breathing disorders, especially cardiac rhythm disorders, and the exploration of predictive factors of cardio-respiratory disabilities through epidemiological studies focusing on the aging population.

In particular, on the research encompasses the following areas.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (RCV):

  • examination of new genetic/epigenetic markers in response to RCV, incorporating Artificial Intelligence techniques for analysis;
  • validation of methodologies and tools for evaluating the effectiveness of RCV in conditions such as ACS, CCS and HF, assessing its role as a "bridge" for ICD/CRT-D in the three months following discharge from acute hospital;
  • testing and implementation of new tele-rehabilitation technologies, including at home options, for RCV patients

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

  • analysis of clinical-functional factors in patients with high cardio-respiratory complexity;
  • development of methods for assessing respiratory function tailored to specific patient subsets with different response to treatment;
  • evaluation of the clinical impact of utilising new non-invasive ventilatory devices for patients with neuromuscular conditions;
  • investigations on sleep-related breathing disorders

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