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Research Management

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Head of Research Management: Paola Gabaldi - e-mail:

Paola Gabaldi Research Management

The Research Management is tasked with the coordination and oversight of all activities of the Scientific Management offices, specifically:

  • ensuring the effective and efficient operational management of all processes, aimed at supporting research activities for the achievement of short- and medium-term objectives;
  • enhancing the consolidation and restructuring of interactions between different units, responding to emerging needs and within the scope of FDG's research activities;
  • establishing and improving the flow of organizational and managerial procedures within the research area and with other foundation's offices.

The following other offices belong to Research Management.

GRANTE OFFICE which performs proactive initiatives to identify key research funding agencies and organisations, aligning efforts with opportunities within national and international funding programs. This involves providing __assistance in the submission of project proposal and overseeing project management as well.

Contact: Federica Vannetti e-mail: -


CLINICAL TRIALS UNIT which offers comprehensive support for the development and management of translational research programs and protocols. This comprises the preparation and submission of documentation to the Ethics Committee for the approval of Clinical Trials, monitoring their progress and maintaining FDG Patient Records.

Contact: Chiara Fanciullacci e-mail: -


TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE which offers assistance to clinicians and researchers in matter pertaining to technology transfer and business relations, intellectual property protection, enhancing the value of scientific research, promoting and fostering innovation and collaborative link with the industry.

Contact: Chiara Gilli e-mail:; Carlotta Gamberini e-mail:


ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL OFFICE which provides support to researchers by managing various aspects relates to reporting on funded projects. This includes the coordination of financial reporting activities, which encompasses maintaining relations with central offices withing Don Gnocchi Foundation as well as dealing with research authorization management.

Contact: Secretariat e-mail:


BIOSTATISTICS & DATA SCIENCE OFFICE which oversees the processes of collection and sampling of biomedical data, as well as the management of analytic procedures, including the utilisation of biostatistics and artificial intelligence tools.

Contact: Andrea Mannini e-mail: