Ricerca scientifica


The added value of assistance in a “Research Hospital”, like the IRCCS Fondazione Don Gnocchi, it is something that goes far beyond progress scientific and of the advantage for some patients whose pathologies are the subject of specific research. It is the positive result of a way of working and an attitude professional that everyone can benefit. Modern research teaches how to work in a group, it is almost never the result of a individual researcher, but it is team work. To achieve the expected result, the skills of numerous professionals come implemented simultaneously, each for their part.

In particular, for the research in the clinical field – the one that most rapidly translates into treatment progress – this means close collaboration among numerous professionals. So, where you do research there is a natural aptitude to team up with multidisciplinary professionals, and this habit is preserved and it also automatically transfers to the majority of patients who do not enter to be part of research protocols, but that they contact the structure.

The collection of scientific data, theirs processing for statistical calculations, their use for publications and presentations at conferences, they clearly need to a particularly accurate methodology, much more precise than normal is sufficient in normal clinical practice. Also in this case, the habit of collecting the information in detail, to work with precision, for example use advanced IT tools, it becomes part of the daily way of working of professionals who do research, even when they are in front of a patient outside of specific scientific paths.

The scientific research is structured as follows:

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