Scientific Research


«I would like our centers to be laboratories for research and scientific application of the most valid methods for recovering and elevating life» (don Carlo Gnocchi, “Restoration of the human individual”, 1946)

The primary goal of the Foundation’s research is to improve quality of life, with the aim of developing rehabilitation that is increasingly the place where scientific research is committed to providing accessible and effective solutions to people's needs, identifying strategies and tools, sustainable and innovative, to increasingly enhance the residual potential of the person, in order to restore autonomy and a better quality of life.

To support this objective, the Foundation is organized in such a way that both facilitates and enhances the capabilities of its researchers. This approach guarantees the necessary support for undertaking research activities. Simultaneously, the Foundation helps implement policies based on the guidelines dictated by the Ministry of Health while taking into account the planning of scientific research.

The scientific research is structured as follows (click below to learn more):

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